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Live from Kristianstad

Now it’s summer again here in Sweden!!

This is the town where I live and where my studio located. Kristianstad belong to Skåne region. It was a military base and founded by King Kristian the 4th Of Denmark.

I live here for more than 6 years and as a Filipino, it’s quite hard to adapt the lifestyle in here. I just met few Filipinos in this area but mostly of my filo friends are living in Malmö. Its just about one and a half hour drive from here.

Swedish people are friendly, music lover and funny but not just the Swedish. Scandinavians, and before I moved here in Sweden, I met a lots of them when I was working in Phuket Thailand.

There‘s a lots of tourist attractions here in Skåne. Just a year ago I made a music video in åhus

about half an hour drive. And they also have the Vodka factory in there.

Dont worry, I will show you the good places here in skåne together with my music as much as I can. So make sure to subscribe! Share the good vibe! And spread the love!

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